You have to have a level to play. Download base level and load it, or make your own level.

Arrow keys or WS + space bar to move around.

Jump height is based off movement speed. The faster your currently going the higher your jump will be.

Hold shift to move faster.

ESC to exit out of stuff.

In level editor use mouse wheel to switch between objects.

Left click to place blocks, Right click to remove blocks.

Placing too many blocks may cause the editor to lag. If so exit out and go back in.

You can post levels in the comments!

                                                              LEVEL EDITOR OBJECTS
- block: Basic block does nothing.

- player: where the play will spawn at.

- lava: Kills you if you touch it.

- turret: Turret that shoots missiles at you. Missiles instantly kill you. Missiles cannot go through walls.

- flag: You "win" the level if you touch it.

- cracked block: Can be destroyed by Missiles.


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